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How We Work

We Offer Locum Tenens, Permanent, Contract and Staffing
We mainly place physician candidates.

Our physician recruiter business offers us the opportunity to improve people's lives, by assisting them in achieving their occupational dreams. Our Job candidates trust us to upgrade their sense of accomplishment, increase their earnings and improve the quality of their personal and professional relationships. We are highly effective in the hiring situation where your goal is important. Best of all, you can relax while we do all the work.

What we offer:
  • Our recruiting team works with people who are specialists in healthcare and physician services. Srtategically located at various locations throuthout the United States, Canada and Europe. We have the resources to help you with your next career move.
  • We are in constant contact with employers in our database and constantly adding to it. Therefore, we will have an active, viable employer database from which you can draw.
  • We're someone you'd want to get to know. We provide a sense of job security. Things are never stable and these days professionals have to take control of their own job security. A physician recruiter generally knows the value of your skills and services in the marketplace.
  • We look for opportunities that would be time consuming to surface on your own. Professionals who work full time have little time to carry out these activities. A physician placement specialist, on the other hand, is in constant contact with the marketplace.
  • As physician recruiter experts,  we are aware of what skills are in demand and what employers are willing to pay. We keep you aware of the marketplace and of opportunities that will enhance your career.
  • We can assist you with career planning. Few professionals have the time or opportunity to plan their careers. We can assess your skills and value in the marketplace.
  • We act as an agent on your behalf much like a rock star or athlete would have. This means we represent you in the marketplace to enhance your chances of finding the best possible opportunities.
  • Our service is confidential and best of all it's free.

We understand what an employer needs and what a prospective employee has to offer. We are in constant contact with the marketplace and of opportunities that will enhance personal and professional relationships.

Whether you are an employer seeking new talent or an employee seeking new opportunities, we encourage you to contact a physician placement specialist and discover how we can make a difference in your recruiting process.

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Physician Placement: How We Help Find You a Job